All are welcome.

Sapientia Initiative is a call to consciousness— grounded in a technique we know as Alexander.

We breathe and we move— it’s no abstraction— and though words are important— it’s when enfleshed they most matter.

Enfleshed thoughts— and wishes too— with practice, can mean something more— something new.

There’s no how to “do it”— and no substitution— it’s experience and stopping— that leads you through it.

We know it in our stopping— just long enough to taste it— our wholeness— that is, the wholeness of everything.

This knowing by tasting— this sapiential awakening— is not strange— not past— but like becoming music—while music lasts.

To align with this moment— depends on our tuning— to who we are— and each other— and what we are doing.

Let’s imagine our future— we are called to it— it is our promise— it is ours to choose it.

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