About RIAT

About RIAT

The heart of the Sapientia Initiative— Riverside Initiative for the Alexander Technique (RIAT)— founded and directed by Nanette Walsh— is dedicated to intensive personal study of the Technique in a group setting. It offers a high teacher student ratio (at least 1 to 5) and a path to teacher certification through the American Society for the Alexander Technique.  

We offer:

  • Matriculation in an AmSAT-certified 1600-hour Teacher Certification Program(TCP), completed in a minimum of three years.
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly periods of intensive study as a non-matriculating participant on the course. 

Nan has trained and graduated AmSAT certified teachers since 2005. Her breadth and depth of training experience contribute to RIAT’s unique and integrative training. While the underlying structure is based on a highly developed, rigorous, and practical progression, the atmosphere on the course is friendly, fun, and informal.

RIAT’s training program offers both large and small group learning experiences. The school, founded on a community-based paradigm,  provides a well-established curriculum. 

RIAT offers its Teacher Certification Program(TCP) in the vibrant Flatiron/NoMad district of New York City.

RIAT’s TCP, approved by the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT), supports AmSAT’s mission to establish the Alexander Technique as a basic and recognized resource for health, productivity, and well-being.

Tuition information available on request