Sapientia Summer Series — 2022

Sapientia Summer Series — 2022

We are thrilled to be offering our Summer Series of classes beginning in July 2022. We look forward to you joining us for another season of breathing and moving well.  

Introduction to AT | Movement | Acting | Professional Development for Teachers | Teacher Refresher

Introduction to AT

Why Rush?
With Gayl Forman

For All Levels of Experience – In Person Only

This class will explore how “inhibition” (pausing before responding) opens the door to welcome freedom of choice in movement and behavior. Guided “lie-downs,” Alexander Technique hands-on “turns” and inhibition games will facilitate our investigations.

Wednesdays: July 20 & 27, August 3 & 10
Enrollment limited to 10
Sign-up deadline July 25

Class fee: $36/class

A Technique for Living
with Rebecca Tuffey

For All Levels of Experience – In Person Only

“When I bring the Alexander Technique into my life, I move more gracefully with less pain. I feel beautiful.” ~ Gail P, architect 

Over 100 years ago F.M. Alexander sought relief from his recurring vocal hoarseness. Today people use his technique to ease back and neck pain, alleviate stress, maintain health, enhance performance skills, improve posture, breathing and much more.

Learn the Alexander Technique in a friendly class environment. Discover how walking, talking, bending & reaching can be transformed. Open to all levels of experience, including newcomers. 

Thursdays : August 4, 11, 18 & 25
Enrollment limited to 10
Sign up deadline August 2

Class fee: $140/ four class package; $200/ four class package with one private lesson


Tai Chi Principles through the Alexander Technique
with Caren Bayer

Via Zoom

On zoom, we will explore how to add volume to our movements, with an emphasis on the dynamic circularity shared by the Alexander Technique and Tai Chi. Students, teachers and trainees are invited, as we practice rotating around a stable axis, while maintaining the precise directions of the primary control . We will address questions for our own alignment, while strengthening the relationship of our backs to and from the ground, with three dimensionality.

Classes are on a sliding scale and I encourage you to drop in when your schedule allows.

Please contact Caren, to be placed on the mailing list of classes taking place over the summer.

Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays-10:00am
Wednesdays and Sundays-12:30pm
Tuesdays and Thursdays-1:30pm

Please be aware there may be changes to this schedule due to travels this summer, so stay in touch if you are interested.

Alexander Technique and Yoga
With Witold Fitz-Simon

via Zoom

Alexander Technique and Yoga practiced together provide a singular opportunity to connect with your body and explore moving in a conscious, mindful way that will illuminate your physical and mental habit patterns and reveal a pathway to greater ease in all facets of your life.

This online series will use foundational poses appropriate both for beginners and experienced practitioners to explore the movements of the body and the principles of the Alexander Technique. Perfect for anyone seeking a fresh perspective on yoga and movement, a deeper connection to their body, or to incorporate a somatic approach to their yoga practice or teaching.

Over four sessions we will cover standing poses, forward bends, back bends, and restorative work for a balanced experience of what yoga and the Alexander Technique can offer each other.

What you’ll need:
• A yoga mat
• 2 yoga blocks
• 1 yoga belt
• 2 yoga blankets or equivalent

Tuesdays: August 9, 16, 23, & 30
Enrollment limited to 30
Sign up deadline August 7

Class fee: $20/class – $75 for the series
If buying the whole class, use coupon code YOGA75 to get the discount.

(Scheduler tip to register for more than one class: Select the first date you’d like, and choose “add time”, it will save the class to the right of the calendar, then select the other dates you’d like until you have all your dates, then choose continue.) 

Up with Downward Facing Dog
With Vanessa Justice

Via Zoom

Expand and refine your yoga practice with the Alexander Technique! This online series of two AT-based yoga classes is designed to build an easeful and connecting experience of one of the most appreciated and challenging of yoga poses: the downward facing dog. We will methodically prepare the hips, shoulders, ankles, torso, and diaphragms of the body toward an embodied integration of this foundational yoga pose. We will explore the application of Alexander Technique’s position of mechanical advantage and hands-on-the-back-of-the-chair to fully activate the dynamic support necessary for a balanced downward facing dog. Some familiarity with Alexander Technique and yoga is helpful but not necessary. 

Props needed for the classes include the following:

  • a yoga belt
  • bolster or pillows (at least one large yoga bolster or two pillows)
  • two hand towels
  • book(s) for constructive rest/semi-supine
  • large bath towel
  • a sturdy folding chair or similar chair with a back. (The chair will be an essential prop for the class.) 

Please email me ahead of time to provide information about injuries or conditions that may require additional, individualized attention or props during the classes. Also, please email me if you have questions about the chair needed for this class:

Fridays: August 5 & 12
12:30pm-1:45pm EST
Enrollment limited to 15
Sign up deadline August 3

Class fee: $35 for the 2-class series

Gentle Exercise and Movement as Directed Activity
With Robin Schiff

For Alexander teachers, trainees, and friends of the Alexander Technique or Pilates – In Person Only

Through discussion, play, and experiential activity, we’ll organize ourselves in movement as we touch on

  • a bit of relevant anatomy
  • playing with oppositions
  • adding rhythm to inhibition and direction
  • seeing your student or yourself a little more clearly
  • a brief look at typical medical issues people bring to a lesson
  • strengthening while you lengthen and widen

Please email if you have any health related questions or concerns about participating.

Saturday: August 13
1pm-2:30pm EST
Enrollment limited to 6
Sign up deadline August 11

Class fee: $35


Imagination and Embodying Language
With Bill Connington

For performers, educators, business people, Alexander teachers and trainees, public speakers, and anyone interested in the body and communication. – In Person Only

Actor, filmmaker, and Alexander teacher Bill Connington leads this workshop on how imagination, physicality, and communication all work together holistically.
Using the Alexander principles, gentle movement, awareness, breath and speech, the participants will explore how to synthesize different aspects of themselves.
Bring a short text – a monologue, poem, speech, or brief selection from a novel – one minute or under in length. You can read it out loud, or have it memorized. 
Join us for this warm and supportive approach to examining ways of releasing, integrating, and coordinating various aspects of yourself. 
Wear comfortable clothing.
Masks will be worn.

Saturday, July 30
1pm – 4pm
Enrollment limited to 12
Sign up deadline July 27

Class fee: $45 

Freedom of Expression Through Freedom of Movement: Improvising in Scripted Material
With Silas Harris

For All Levels of Experience in both Acting and the Alexander Technique – In Person Only

The best way to stay present on-stage is to do away with any real-world distractions. Among the most common distractions, whether we know it or not, is tension in our own bodies. Improve your presence using the principles of the Alexander Technique! Through hands-on work, improv games, and cold reading exercises, explore your potential for stronger acting choices made faster.

Just bring yourself and, if you’d like, a monologue in any stage of memorization. Monologue work will be available, but not required. Dress in moveable clothes, and please either wear or bring socks. Masks will be required at all times.

NOTE: You are welcome to sign up for multiple classes, but each one will follow the same format. The only thing that is new will be your classmates!

Saturdays: July 23, August 6
Enrollment limited to 10
Sign up deadline July 21

Class fee: $20 per class

(Scheduler tip to register for more than one class: Select the first date you’d like, and choose “add time”, it will save the class to the right of the calendar, then select the other dates you’d like until you have all your dates, then choose continue.) 

Professional Development for Teachers

Teachers’ Professional Development Lab: Getting Started As An Alexander Teacher
With Eleanor Taylor

For Teacher-Trainees and AmSAT-certified Alexander Teachers – via Zoom 

Many emerging teachers finish training and move into unknown territory: where do I begin in order to develop a teaching practice? How do I find and retain students? How can I make the most efficient professional efforts to get the most return?

This online Teachers’ Lab will focus on “getting started” for trainees, recent grad teachers and any other teachers looking to grow their practice from the ground up. Come learn and explore strategies tailored to our industry, and develop your own unique plan for your professional life as an Alexander teacher. The lab is limited to 6 for individual attention and feedback.

Class topics include:

  • The Business of Teaching – Best Professional Practices for Alexander Teachers
  • A Means-Whereby for Building your Teaching Studio
  • Your “Portfolio Career” – Expanding Teaching Opportunities
  • The First Lesson & Beyond – Retaining Students
  • New Frontiers: Teaching to Meet 2022 Issues

Tuesdays: July 12 & 19 (skip July 26), Aug 2 & 9
Enrollment limited to 8
Sign up deadline July 10

Class fee: $175 for four small group labs.
Payment plans available on request – to set up a payment plan, please email to arrange.

Teacher Refresher

Summer RIAT Refresher: Free Form
with Nanette Walsh & Ariel Carson

For Teacher-Trainees and AmSAT-certified Alexander Teachers – In Person Only

Cultivate elastically sprung free form. Together we will engage practices that integrate thought, structural integrity, and comprehensive connection through our own use into hands-on contact with another. Through classic and innovative procedures we’ll play with attention, intention, how we bear weight, the distribution of our tone through our soft tissue, and interrelation between ourselves, each other, and our environment. Come to explore how a lively breathing Hands on Back of the Chair is the foundation for all of our work, stay for the 10 minute dance party that will close the workshop!

Wednesday: July 27
Enrollment limited to 10
Sign up deadline July 24

Class fee: $75 for teachers, $60 for RIAT teachers/affiliates/volunteers, $50 for RIAT trainees
If you need the $60 or $50 coupon, please email