Sapientia Fall Series — 2022

Sapientia Fall Series — 2022

We are thrilled to be offering our Fall Series of classes. We look forward to you joining us for another season of breathing and moving well.  

Your Chair is Your Gym…for Sitting Better
With Lindsay Newitter

Via Zoom

If you’re frustrated that your work-out isn’t helping your posture, you may need to actually work on it while you sit at your desk, not just at the gym.

  • You’ll learn simple strategies, cues, and movements that you can do to sit better…and work on while you are actually sitting. 
  • In addition to a chair, do you sometimes sit on the floor or the couch? Do you struggle with how to sit comfortably in a car, on a plane? I’ll make some suggestions about these contexts as well as how to manage standing for extended periods.
  • Live participation is encouraged, but a recording will be provided if you can’t attend live.

Tuesday: October 25
8pm – 9pm ET
Enrollment Limited to 25
Sign up deadline October 23
Class fee: $20

Modern Self-Care: recovery tools for a stressful, tech-filled world
With Kevin Munhall

In Person Only

Tension, stress, and anxiety are unavoidable today, due in large part to the fact that nothing about our environment or how we spend our days is set up to help us thrive.  But aside from running away to the woods, what do you actually do about it?

This workshop will offer some very practical tools for improving your breathing, alignment, awareness and teaching you how to better regulate your nervous system throughout your hectic days.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • Workday alignment & mobility tips
  • The 4 keys to Functional healthy breathing
  • How screens & phones impact our nervous system
  • The difference between unwinding, distraction and true recovery
  • Movement & breathwork practices for downregulating after a stressful day & more

Kevin runs Habit Disruption, where he has brought Alexander Technique and Functional Breathing workshops to companies like Avocado Mattress, TouchCare Health, Dvora Properties, Vassar College, American University & more.

Sunday: December 11
11am – 1pm
Enrollment Limited to 15
Sign up deadline December 9
Class fee: $45

Talk Less Gain More?
With Gayl Forman

In Person Only

We often talk without first thinking through what we really want to say, without crafting our thoughts to an end. Often our counterpart immediately replies, even while we are still talking. What changes if we give ourselves much more time, if we refine our content into a short, clear statement and stop when we are finished saying what we want to say?

What happens if we are fully present while listening, not busy preparing a response while the other is still talking? What effect does “embodied” talking and listening have upon our understanding of and connection with each other. How does it affect our energy throughout our whole selves?

We will explore though role playing games in small groups. We will share what we observe and experience.

Saturday: November 5
3pm – 4:30pm
Enrollment limited to 24
Sign up deadline November 3

Class fee: $36

Embodied Anatomy
with Peggy Florin and Karla Booth

Via Zoom

Welcome to RIAT Anatomy, where we offer an experiential approach to learning anatomy taught through the lens of the Alexander Technique. We offer a “flipped classroom” where we post diagrams, reading, videos and other material each week prior to class enabling students to process concepts and details before discussion. Class time is then used for review, movement, touch, and other explorations that help us integrate our understanding of anatomy into a living experience. This year our focus will be on considering the nature of muscle, connective tissue and muscles involved in the deep support and articulation of the spine. The learning is active – we bring attention to the elegant connectivity of our structure; we invite a deepened “knowing” of ourselves as responsive and responsible movers, Alexander students and practitioners.

Those who sign up for the full series of classes will have access to a Google Classroom containing reference material and class recordings.

Saturdays: September 17, 24, October 1, 8, 15, 22, November 5, 12, 19, December 3, 10, 17
1:30pm – 2:30pm EST
Sign up deadline 12 hours before each class

Class fee: $20 per class

Tai Chi Principles through the Alexander Technique
with Caren Bayer

Via Zoom

On zoom, we will explore how to add volume to our movements, with an emphasis on the dynamic circularity shared by the Alexander Technique and Tai Chi. Students, teachers and trainees are invited, as we practice rotating around a stable axis, while maintaining the precise directions of the primary control . We will address questions for our own alignment, while strengthening the relationship of our backs to and from the ground, with three dimensionality.

Classes are on a sliding scale and I encourage you to drop in when your schedule allows.

Please contact Caren, to be placed on the mailing list for classes –

Beginning Tai Chi
With Tom Daly

In Person Only

Commitment to attendance is extremely important – please read the “learning” section of this web page. Each series is a continuation of the preceding series and classes are ongoing.

Regularly these are a 10 week series, Each series runs for 10 consecutive sessions and then continues with a new series of 10 sessions, and so on. It is no problem to miss a session within the series from time to time. However, if you miss a session in the designated time period, there is no make-up session available. The following series of 10 sessions continues the sequence of the tai chi form.

Private form, sword form or push hands classes available.

If you sign up, please show up!

Thursdays: September 29, October 6, 13, 20, 27, November 3, 10, 17, December 1, 8
6pm – 7pm
Sign up deadline September 27

Class fee: $130 for the full series

Imagination and Embodying Language
With Bill Connington

In Person Only

For performers, educators, business people, Alexander teachers and trainees, public speakers, and anyone interested in the body and communication.

Actor, filmmaker, and Alexander teacher Bill Connington leads this workshop on how our senses, physicality, movement, and breath affects our creativity. Using the Alexander principles, gentle movement, awareness, and breath, the participants will explore their own senses and how this affects their creatively – in thought and action. 

Join us for this warm and supportive approach to examining ways of releasing, integrating, and coordinating various aspects of yourself. When you are most creative – you are most yourself.

Wear comfortable clothing.

Masks will be worn.

Sunday: October 2
12pm – 1:30pm
Enrollment limited to 10
Sign up deadline September 27

Class fee: $35