Honoring Dr. John Austin: the Science of the Alexander Technique

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Sunday, May 19, 2024, 3–5p, NYC

We hope you’ll join us in person (or on zoom) for a special program to celebrate Dr. Austin’s foundational contributions to the growing science of AT and its place in modern research. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience a taste of the Technique, and its implications for modern pain science. Stay for drinks, snacks, mingling and a silent auction all in support of Sapientia Initiative’s dedication to lifelong learning and achievement in the Alexander Technique.

Images of the four speakers listed below.

Our program features Special Guest speakers including:
Dr. Tim Cacciatore, Alexander Technique Science
Dr. Rajal Cohen, m.AmSAT, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology, Director at the Mind in Movement Laboratory
Bill Connington, m.AmSAT, Lecturer in Drama at Yale School of Drama
Dr. Jack Stern, MD PhD, Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery NY Medical College
Judy Stern, PT, m.AmSAT

About Dr. John Austin

Dr. Austin was first introduced to AT by his viola teacher in 1973. He was so impressed with the Technique and its potential to ease the physical work of breathing, in the early 80’s, he and Pearl Ausubel designed and implemented the first scientific AT study addressing respiratory function using control subjects. The results were statistically significant.

His study, considered radical at the time, appeared in the medical journal, CHEST. Of the study, Dr. Austin says, “It was the most important paper I have ever written.”

Dr. Austin’s work laid the foundation for current AT science and research. Most recently his personal dedication to AT has positively impacted his ability to live with Parkinson’s.

John Austin is a living treasure in our field and an inspiration!

Tickets available now!

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