Group Classes

Group Classes

The Spring Series is here! See below for our new offerings. Also introducing our first ever free weekly introductory class!

Categories of classes offered:
Introduction | Movement (Yoga, Tai Chi, etc.) | Acting | Dance | Music | Voice | For AT Teachers | Anatomy

Introduction to the Alexander Technique

Free Introductory Class

led by RIAT Graduates

In-Person Only

People of all levels of experience with the Alexander Technique are invited to join us for a free weekly introductory class beginning in April. If you’re looking to give AT a first try, or you’ve already had years of study but are looking to deepen your practice, join us as often as you’d like for no cost!

Saturdays: April 8, 15, 22, 29, May 6, 13, 20, 27, June 3, 10, 17, 24
3 – 4:30pm

5 Ways to Help Your Kid Sit Up Straighter

with Lindsay Newitter

Via Zoom

Are you a parent, family member, or friend of a kid who could really use some help with their posture, but you’re not sure what to do?

In this 60-minute workshop, you’ll learn:

  • The benefits and fundamentals of good posture using the Alexander Technique
  • Tips on how to cue your child about their posture in a way that’s effective
  • Suggestions regarding screens, backpacks, chairs, and desks.  

Tuesday: May 2
5:30-6:30pm EDT
On Zoom – recording available if you can’t attend live$35 (check out 2-workshop discount below)

Click here for registration page.

Posture Workshop for Teens 

with Lindsay Newitter

Via Zoom

**If you register for both the teen and parent workshops, you’ll get a 30% discount coupon to use for the 2nd workshop available after you checkout for the first one.

What to expect:

  • Your teen will learn how good posture can feel comfortable, manageable, and not awkward
  • They’ll leave with tips they can use at home, school, on the screen, and carrying bags and backpacks.

Sunday: May 7
4-5pm EDT
On Zoom – recording available if you can’t attend live

Click here for registration page.

Do Less, Discover More – Mindfulness through the Alexander Technique

with Serena Venditto

In-Person Only

This 4-week class series offers beginners a new approach to mindfulness as they are introduced to the principles of the Alexander Technique. Participants will walk away with immediately applicable tools and practices to help them feel more connected to their body, present in their lives, and comfortable in their every day movement.

Tuesdays: April 11, 18, 25, & May 2
6 – 7pm
Enrollment Limited to 10
Sign up deadline 48 hours before each class
Class fee: $30 per class, $100 for the full series

Move and Breath with Mindful Ease

with Nadav Nazarathy

In-Person Only

Do you wish to improve your poise, breathing and movement? Have you been seeking practical tools to reduce unnecessary tension in your body and mind? “Move and breath with mindful ease” is a three class beginner course on the Alexander Technique. Using the tools of this enjoyable and practical method, we will explore how we can help ourselves with improving our breathing, poise and movement. Through a deliberate process of developing physical awareness, we can learn to make smarter choices with our bodies, which leads us to engage in our daily activities in new and enjoyable ways. Participants will also experience hands-on guidance, which will further help in discovering a new way of being, moving and breathing.

Tuesdays: May 23, 30, & June 6
4:30 – 5:45pm
Enrollment Limited to 5
Sign up deadline May 21
Class fee: $25 per class, $60 for the whole series


Up with Downward Facing Dog

with Vanessa Justice

Via Zoom

Expand and refine your yoga practice with the Alexander Technique! This online series of four AT-based yoga classes is designed to build an easeful and connecting experience of one of the most appreciated and challenging of yoga poses: the downward facing dog. We will methodically prepare the hips, shoulders, ankles, torso, and diaphragms of the body toward an embodied integration of this foundational yoga pose. We will explore the application of Alexander Technique’s position of mechanical advantage and hands-on-the-back-of-the-chair to fully activate the dynamic support necessary for a balanced downward facing dog. Some familiarity with Alexander Technique and yoga is helpful but not necessary. 

Props needed for the classes include the following:

  • a yoga belt
  • bolster or pillows (at least one large yoga bolster or two pillows)
  • two hand towels
  • large bath towel
  • book(s) for constructive rest/semi-supine
  • a sturdy folding chair or similar chair with a back. (The chair will be an essential prop for the class.) 

Please email me ahead of time to provide information about injuries or conditions that may require additional, individualized attention or props during the classes. Also, please email me if you have questions about the chair needed for this class:

Wednesdays: May 10, 17, 24, & 31
12:30 – 1:30pm
Enrollment Limited to 10
Sign up deadline May 8
Class fee: $65 for the 4 class series

Tai Chi Principles through the Alexander Technique

with Caren Bayer

Via Zoom

On zoom, we will explore how to add volume to our movements, with an emphasis on the dynamic circularity shared by the Alexander Technique and Tai Chi. Students, teachers and trainees are invited, as we practice rotating around a stable axis, while maintaining the precise directions of the primary control . We will address questions for our own alignment, while strengthening the relationship of our backs to and from the ground, with three dimensionality.

Classes are on a sliding scale and I encourage you to drop in when your schedule allows.

Please contact Caren, to be placed on the mailing list for classes –


AT For Musicians

With Kristin Mozeiko

In-Person Only
In partnership with our Community Outreach Program to provide low-cost access to the Alexander Technique

Experience the Alexander Technique (AT)! AT is a cognitive embodiment approach that can help to improve posture and breathing, develop greater awareness and energetic efficiency in everyday activities and interactions. Learn how to achieve optimal performance and reduce musculoskeletal discomfort. This workshop is for adult musicians:
Open to Musicians of all levels:

  • Amateur to professional
  • All instrumentalists*
  • All Vocalists

Find out what habit patterns are found in musicians that cause pain and are obstacles to optimal performance. Apply the Alexander Technique in your daily life and start to feel great! This 2 hour workshop features a combination of:

  • Hands-on Masterclass Style Instruction
  • Application of Alexander Technique to music practice
  • Guided AT lie down
  • Stimulating class discussion/self-observation
  • Sitting versus standing for performance

There is no piano available at the center, you must bring a keyboard if you want to perform. It isn’t mandatory to bring an instrument. If you want to perform a solo please arrive early and sign in. You can play a solo or excerpt from a solo 2-3 min. If you do not want to play a solo you may play/sing a scale or hold long tones.

Monday: April 24
4pm – 6pm
Enrollment Limited to 15
Sign up deadline 48 hours before class
Class fee: $10

For AT Teachers

Keeping AT Simple & Effective

with Richard Brennan & Kecia Chin

Hybrid – Zoom and In-Person

Explaining and teaching in a simple and clear way that will leave your people empowered to change their habits and the quality of their lives in minutes.

Sunday: April 2
1 – 4pm
Monday: April 3
6:30 – 9:30pm
Sign up deadline March 31st
Class fee: $45