Experience the Technique

Experience the Technique

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The Alexander Technique is a mind-body experiential practice. Hands-on work with a certified teacher provides the unique psycho-physical experience of thinking in everyday activity to foster embodied freedom. Repetition of hands-on experience in a private lesson engages the student’s conscious ability to release unhelpful habits, and create the changes they desire.

RIAT has a colorful array of skilled teachers with varying levels of experience (some with 40+ years of teaching). All our teachers have strong connections to the fundamental practices and principles of the Technique. Each teacher has additional experience in complementary and/or supportive practices that both enrich their work with the Alexander Technique, and place it within a contemporary context.

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Silas Harris | Serena Venditto | Sue Wong

Silas Harris

Silas Harris 
(he/him) is one of the youngest people ever to be certified by the AmSAT board. His teaching focuses on playfulness, curiosity, and taking the stress out of self exploration. Currently, he teaches individual private lessons, and is available for group workshops or specialized classes. Silas is a stage and voice actor, and is passionate about helping people express themselves and find their voices.

As Executive Administrator for Sapientia, Silas strives to improve accessibility to the Alexander Technique, and to help in preserving its history.

For more information about his teaching, go to silasemersonharris.com/alexandertechnique.

Serena Venditto

Serena Venditto, m. AmSAT, completed her 1600 hours of AmSAT training at the Riverside Initiative for the Alexander Technique (RIAT) headed by Nanette Walsh and associate directors Lori Schiff & Ariel Carson. During her years of training, she worked plenty of desk jobs and saw a lot of what we already know: Sitting poorly causes pain and keeps us from doing what we want to do with our free time! Working at a computer and looking at our phones for hours a day is a reality of our time, but a few consistent changes can reduce discomfort and give you the energy to enjoy more moments with your friends and family. https://www.doingdifferently.nyc/

Sue Wong

I found Alexander Technique during years of progressively suffering from unexplained illnesses that led to losing the use of my hands and unable to do the most basic things for myself, to bone fractures leaving me immobile for months. No doctor could see a path for me to any quality of life. Alexander Technique taught me the tools to find my way to a life not only worth living, but to the best version of me I never imagined I could become. Through my training at Riverside Initiative grew a practice that combines my knowledge of anatomy, goal oriented movement like road cycling and basketball and how to slow our movement down to find balance and stability from my Qigong practice.  My hope is to help you find the right path to improving your quality of life by learning how we were meant to move then turning that into moving in the ways that give you the most joy. 

The Technique is inherently creative and individualized, which is evident and clear in the approach of each teacher. Visit our Faculty pages (Affiliate Teachers, Faculty) to learn more about individual teachers. 

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We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment for a thriving community. RIAT’s Community Outreach Program (RIAT CORP) provides the opportunity for underserved communities to experience the Technique. Learn more