Experience the Technique

Experience the Technique

The Alexander Technique is a mind-body experiential practice. Hands-on work with a certified teacher provides the unique psycho-physical experience of thinking in everyday activity to foster embodied freedom. Repetition of hands-on experience in a private lesson engages the student’s conscious ability to release unhelpful habits, and create the changes they desire.  

RIAT has a colorful array of skilled teachers with varying levels of experience (some with 40+ years of teaching). All our teachers have  strong connections to the fundamental practices and principles of the Technique. Each teacher has additional experience in complementary and/or supportive  practices that both enrich their work with the Alexander Technique, and place it within a contemporary  context. 

The Technique is inherently creative and individualized, which is evident and clear in the approach of each teacher. Visit our Faculty pages to learn more. 

Private lessons are available seven days a week. 

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We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment for a thriving community. RIAT’s Community Outreach Program (RIAT CORP) provides the opportunity for underserved communities to experience the Technique. Learn more