Experience the Technique

The Alexander Technique is a mind-body experiential practice. Hands-on work with a certified teacher provides the unique psycho-physical experience of thinking in everyday activity to foster embodied freedom. Repetition of hands-on experience in a private lesson engages the student’s conscious ability to release unhelpful habits, and create the changes they desire. Read More

Community Outreach Program

Riverside Initiative offers low fee lessons with certified teachers and lessons with third-year student teachers under supervision by RIAT’s Director. The lessons are the culmination of three years of study on the part of the trainee. Read More

Workshops & Seminars

Deepen your experience and understanding of the Technique by participating in the discovery and practice of the Alexander Technique in the focused environment of an Alexander teacher training course, workshop, or seminar. Read More

Intensive Study on the Training Course

Whether you attend for one day or for one full trimester, you will have the opportunity to experience the benefits of learning in an informal yet professional atmosphere. Read More

Online Classes

RIAT offers online classes as part of our hybrid Teacher Training program. Read More


Whether you are interested in individual classes, attending workshops, training to be a teacher, community outreach, or doing post-graduate continuing education, we are committed to offering options for those with financial hardships. Read More