AT for All

AT for All

Logo for AT for All—boxy shapes forming a chair, at jaunty angles

Breathe better. Move better. Feel better.

Breathing and moving well is birthright, not a luxury.

Alexander Technique for everybody at low or no cost.

Group Classes

Whether you’re new to the Alexander Technique, or you’re just hungry for more, our specialized group classes offer an abundance of ways to apply AT to your life and help you feel better. Taught by graduates of RIAT, RIAT teachers or Affiliates, these pay-what-you-can offerings currently range from AT for Musicians, to AT for Seniors, to using the Technique to practice resilience, to spaces specifically designed for BIPOC or Queer folks to explore the Technique.

AT for All Group Classes are on Monday evenings, and all are $5 suggested. No one will be turned away. And if you can pay more, that will pave the way for others. All levels welcome.

Discounted Private Lessons

Interested in discounted individual lessons for low cost or donation? AT For All offers discounted lessons with participating third-year trainees and AmSAT-certified teachers from our community.