What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

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A refuge of upward energy and earnest work, the training course is an environment that I am always grateful to be part of and delighted to inhabit. Every day on the training course is a collective learning process. It is a gathering place where, together, teachers and students alike, we enrich each others’ understanding of the principles of the Alexander Technique and the many facets to which it applies. Nanette is an expert guide, encouraging and gentle in addition to well-versed and inspiring.
– Nadia Banna,  Alexander Technique Teacher, Professional Flutist  

Some people are wired athletically and others like elastic bands. I am neither. Nevertheless, as evidenced by my closet strewn with every conceivable equipment and exercise instruction, I have searched far and wide for a practice that would have me “toned to the bone” and supple as a young tree. I had given up until I attended Nanette’s Alexander Technique Studio. Suddenly, I found myself working with, rather than against my body. The sublimely simple movements and comforting mood of her work tapped into the fitness guru and graceful ballerina I never knew I had inside. Thanks to Nanette and the Alexander Technique, I am now enjoying the rooted, strong, flexibility of the tree in the yoga posture “tree pose”- without the strain of the “pose”.
– Rev. Maureen DeanM.S.W., M. Div

A spirit of positivity permeates the air at RIAT. From students, to teachers, to participants at the clinic, the atmosphere is welcoming and the personalized attention superb!
– Eleanor TaylorAlexander Technique Teacher, Professional Vocalist

I once wished I could design my own training course and then, along came Riverside Initiative. This is the ideal place for anyone looking for a rigorous training that includes plenty of personal attention and hands-on work from some of the best teachers working in the Technique today. Alexander’s work is richly contextualized and expertly conveyed; our study is at once historically grounded and completely fresh and new. Nanette has an unprecedented vision for what a training course can be – and for how the Technique can revolutionize a human being, a community, and the world beyond. It is beyond exciting to be part of this Initiative.
– Adele NickelProfessional Dancer and Dance Teacher, Graduate of Riverside Initiative

I work hard for a living cleaning people’s homes, and have a lot of stress in my shoulders and hands. At the clinic at Riverside I had a new experience that showed me there are other ways that I can work more easily, this is important as I get older.
– Julia PinedaDomestic Cleaner

As well as being an extraordinary teacher of the Alexander Technique, Nanette is also gifted at training others to be teachers. Nanette skillfully balances between teaching others to teach the way she does and supporting others to find their own teaching styles. Upon graduation from Nanette’s training course, I had learned more and felt better prepared to teach the Alexander Technique than I could have imagined I would when I started the training three years earlier.
– Brad MewhortAlexander Technique Teacher, Graduate of Nanette’s training course

Thank you again for the chance to participate in your lovely clinic; it was like a little, wholly-unanticipated miracle for me. An unexpected and deeply appreciated blessing.
– Lisa Radakovich Holsberg, M.F.A., M.Ed., M.A., Fordham Ph.D student, Professional musician

Nanette is wise, perceptive and technically and traditionally trained. Her curiosity, clear presence and strong technique blend with a kind and generous heart, and a desire for her students to understand and succeed. It’s an honor to be a part of the teacher training program.
– Anne Waxman,  Alexander Technique Teacher, AmSAT Senior Teacher

RIAT provides a beautiful balance of personal attention for each and every student within a warm and inclusive community.
– Sheila BandyopadhyayAlexander Technique Teacher,  Movement Specialist

Training with Nanette Walsh is transformative. From faculty to student, the community at Riverside Initiative for the Alexander Technique embodies a willingness to live what they are learning to teach. Nanette’s passion for the growth and unity of our whole being liberates each student to discover their potential as well as the greater potential of sharing The Alexander Technique.
– Emily Whyte,  Alexander Technique Teacher

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