The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique

Introduction to the Technique

The Alexander Technique effectively undoes fixed habits that interfere with how we breathe, move, and support ourselves. To be increasingly freed from fixed habits, is to be simultaneously freed from unconstructive physical, mental, and emotional reactions to stimuli. Simply and practically, the Technique helps us breathe more easily, discover our innate capacity for efficiency in the activities of living, and become more of who we are and who we yet might be in the world. Read More

F.M. Alexander

Fredrick Matthias (F.M.) Alexander (1869 – 1955) was a young Australian actor who suffered a strange hoarseness whenever he started to recite. Dissatisfied by inconclusive medical diagnoses, he set out to find a cure for his condition. Using mirrors, he engaged in meticulous self observation. Over time he realized that his condition arose from excessive tension and habitual ‘misuse’ in the relationship of the head, neck and back. He found that this crucial relationship between ‘misuse’, vocal production and breathing led to other practical and far reaching discoveries about the relationship between ‘misuse’ and human functioning. Read More

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