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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Kelleen Kiely
Interim Chair/Treasurer

Kelleen Kiely is the Treasurer of Sapientia Initiative. She is a portfolio manager at Douglas C. Lane & Associates and is a CFA charterholder. Kelleen also serves as Treasurer on the board of United Community Centers in East New York. For over 10 year years she has been an enthusiastic student and beneficiary of the Alexander Technique. Kelleen graduated with honors from Brown University in 2003 earning a BA in Anthropology-Linguistics. She lives in New York City. 

Nanette Walsh

Nanette Walsh is the secretary of Sapientia Initiative, and she is Sapientia’s Executive Director and founder. Nan is also the founding director of RIAT’s Teacher Certification Program and Community Outreach Program (AT For All). Nan is the author of Unsmudged: An Encounter with Peggy Williams, a First Generation Teacher of the Alexander Technique, published in 2018. She received her Masters from Union Theological Seminary (2021), and she also holds an MFA in Transmedia Studies from Syracuse University (1982). Nan served as chair of the American Society of the Alexander Technique’s (AmSAT’s) Board of Directors from 2009 until 2011; in 2008 she served on AmSAT’s Professional Conduct Committee, and served from 2012-2014 on AmSAT’s Leadership Advisory Council.

Libby Schmais
Board Member 

Libby Schmais is happy to join the Board of Directors of Sapientia. Libby has experienced the healing power of the Alexander technique in her own life and looks forward to contributing to Sapientia’s mission. Libby brings a diverse background to the Board, with expertise in both creative writing (having authored four novels and a health reference guide) and research through her tenure as a corporate librarian at Deloitte Consulting and JP Morgan. She holds an MFA in fiction and a Masters in Information and Library Science. In her leisure time, Libby enjoys ballet, playing the violin, and attempting to train her new kittens Gigi and Lulu. Libby is eager to offer her skills and experience to the ongoing success of Sapientia.