AT For All

AT For All

Alexander Technique For All

Our AT For All Program offers affordable lessons to people who would otherwise not have access to the Technique. We have more participating teachers than ever, and can offer a wide range of time slots, prices, and teacher backgrounds. Fees for all lessons through AT For All will reflect what a student can afford. Learn about the different ways of participating. Apply to get started!

Supervised Practice Lessons

Sapientia Initiative offers lessons by third-year student teachers under supervision by RIAT’s Director. The lessons are the culmination of three years of study on the part of the trainee.

Participants in supervised practice lessons are asked to commit to receiving three lessons once a week for three consecutive weeks. An effort will be made to pair you up with trainees who have similar interests. There is a $10 fee per lesson.

Practice Lessons with Third-Year Trainees

Riverside Initiative offers donation-based lessons with third year trainees to provide support for those who would not be able to otherwise afford private Alexander Technique lessons.

Lessons with Certified Teachers

AT For All also offers discounted lessons with participating AmSAT certified teachers from our community. Fees will reflect what a student can afford.

To Participate

If you are interested in being a student for supervised practice lessons, practice lessons with third year trainees, and/or lessons with certified teachers please complete the application form for AT For All below. Someone will be in touch with you as soon as we are able to match you with a third year trainee or teacher.

To learn more or get involved, contact us or apply below.

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