Sapientia Initiative is a 501c3 organization, dedicated to lifelong learning through the Alexander Technique. We are committed to the ongoing process of deepening, understanding, and enacting inclusion. All are welcome. Our main center, based in the Flatiron District of New York City, offers a place for community-building, growth, and learning. 

We offer:

  • Community Outreach Programs 
  • Intense personal study through a three-year AmSAT (American Society of Alexander Teachers) certified Teacher Training Program (TCP) through RIAT 
  • Private lessons
  • Opportunities for daily, weekly, or monthly periods of intensive study
  • Supervised small group study
  • Workshops and other events
  • Opportunities to be a student in supervised instructional settings 
  • Teaching Rooms and Studio Rentals (discounted for Alexander Technique teachers)

Sapientia Initiative is grounded in the Alexander Technique—a mind-body practice that empowers individuals, enhances performance, and promotes human freedom in thought and action. The Sapientia Initiative:

  • is an expanding and sustainable learning community for those seeking personal growth, health, and well-being through the Alexander Technique
  • develops, nurtures, and offers teaching of the highest standards, according to the principles of F.M. Alexander
  • serves as a resource that expands the reaches of the Technique and engages and enriches communities

Sapientia Initiative supports all people in their endeavors for growth and change in a civil society. 

A refuge of upward energy and earnest work…a gathering place where, together, teachers and students alike…enrich each others’ understanding of the principles of the Alexander Technique and the many facets to which it applies.  

Nadia Banna,  Alexander Technique Teacher, Professional Flutist
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Sapientia Initiative welcomes all those who are seeking greater embodied freedom. This includes all colors, religions, sexes, gender identities or expressions, sexual orientations, national origins, genetics, body types, abilities, ages, and economic status. Mistakes will inevitably be made because we are human. However, we are committed to the ongoing process of deepening societal understanding and enacting inclusionary responses.

Whether you are a new student or a qualified teacher, Sapientia Initiative offers individually oriented learning based on well-established methods while maintaining a commitment to diversity, creativity, and community outreach.


The Sapientia Initiative was established as the umbrella 501c3 organization for the Riverside Initiative for the Alexander Technique (RIAT) in 2020. RIAT, founded nearly a decade earlier, continues to operate as one of the leading Alexander Technique teacher training programs in the United States. Read More >

AT For All

Sapientia Initiative offers lessons by third-year student teachers under supervision by RIAT’s Director. The lessons are the culmination of three years of study on the part of the trainee.

Participants in supervised practice lessons are asked to commit to receiving three lessons once a week for three consecutive weeks. An effort will be made to pair you up with trainees who have similar interests. There is a $10 fee per lesson. Learn More >

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