Sapientia Initiative

Sapientia Initiative

Breathing and moving well is a birthright, not a luxury; nor is it an activity of the body alone. All our thoughts, feelings, intentions and responses play a crucial role in the ongoing dynamics of upright support—dynamics upon which every breath and movement depend. Learn more about the Alexander Technique >

Modern Pain Science Webinar

Join us for this monthly Modern Pain Science seminar led by Dr. Tim Cacciatore and Mari Hodges, two of the AT community’s leaders in the field who are at the forefront now of communicating where science meets AT. The sessions will be full of resources, research and space for thoughtful discussion and analysis.

Sapientia at the ACGM

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RIAT’s Teacher Training Course, Nan Walsh, along with RIAT’s Associate Directors, Lori Schiff and Ariel Carson, were the opening keynote speakers at this year’s ACGM in Salt Lake City, Utah (see our photo recap). The recording will be made available soon.

Honoring Dr. John Austin: The Science of AT

Sapientia’s inaugural benefit event, Honoring Dr. John Austin: The Science of AT, was a joy! Watch the trailer:

If you were not able to join us in person or on Zoom, a fully-captioned recording of this substantive and inspiring event is available for purchase for $20.

Nan Walsh: Continuous Learning Teacher at the International Congress

Nan will be a Continuous Learning teacher and teaching workshops at the International Conference in Dublin in 2025. Read more.

Sapientia Initiative is a 501c3 organization, dedicated to lifelong learning in the Alexander Technique. We have two major programs: RIAT, our 1600-hour AmSAT-certified teacher training course, is the flagship program of our organization; and our AT for All program, the heart of our community outreach, offers accessible, low-cost somatic education for everyone. We are committed to the ongoing process of deepening, understanding, and enacting inclusion. All are welcome. Our main center, based in the Flatiron district of New York City, is a place of community-building, growth and learning.

Read our welcome salvo >

AT for All

Our AT for All program offers somatic education for everybody through the Alexander Technique. We offer group classes and individual lessons at discounted cost. Check out our summer programming!

RIAT Teacher Training

The flagship program of Sapientia Initiative— the Riverside Initiative for the Alexander Technique, is dedicated to intensive personal study of the technique in a group setting. It offers a high teacher student ratio (at least 1:5) and a path to teacher certification through the American Society for the Alexander Technique.

The application deadline for the Fall 2024 Term is July 19. Apply now.

We currently offer:
• Matriculation: in an AmSAT-certified, 1600-hour Teacher Certification Program, ideally completed in a minimum of 3 years.
• Non-matriculation: daily, weekly, or monthly periods of intensive study as a participant on the course.

The Alexander Technique 

The Alexander Technique effectively undoes fixed habits that interfere with how we breathe, move, and support ourselves. To be increasingly freed from fixed habits, is to be simultaneously freed from nonconstructive physical, mental, and emotional reactions to stimuli. Simply and practically, the Technique helps us breathe more easily, discover our innate capacity for efficiency in the activities of living, and become more of who we are and who we yet might be in the world.

To learn the Technique is to learn how to participate effectively in our natural processes of support, well-being, and becoming. With practice, reliable sensory perceptions are regained, unhelpful thoughts and intentions are re-educated, misdirected energies are made more coherent, and the ability to realize our innate potential becomes a reality.

All are welcome.